Harm Reduction, Addiction and Psychedelic Therapy

At 8 pm, Israel time, on Thursday 9 Feb, we’ll get together for an hour long discussion on harm reduction, substance use and abuse and psychedelics, with a focus on psychedelic therapy. Even at the most surface level, there’s a case to be made for psychedelic therapy for addiction or problematic drug use: monthly, or even weekly, doses of psychedelics carry much less side effects than daily alcohol, heroine or other drug use and even less than daily SSRI and other medications (assuming that the treatment is successful, and the treatment “replaces” the use).

But we’re going to be doing a deep dive through each of those bombastic terms (to get to the same place).

During the first half hour we’ll break down the title:

Harm Reduction

Harm reduction is usually thought about as a set of tips (“Take care of set and setting”, “Drink water between shots”) or programs of compromise created out of desperation to save lives (methadone and other drug replacement treatments, needle exchange programs), but harm reduction has developed into a full approach, which includes tips and programs, but also includes principles, practices and a psychotherapy approach


Addiction, substance use disorder, drug abuse – there are at least as many terms as approaches and opinions. We’re going to look at the different terms being used, and the bio-psycho-social model that allows to see the complexity of substance use and abuse

Psychedelic therapy

Using the harm reduction view of substance use, we’ll look into the different psychedelic uses, and focus in on psychedelic therapy

After this we’ll continue with another half hour of discussion.

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