Harm reduction as a paradigm: From black and white to multicolored view on substance use and abuse

Hello friends!

I’m excited to invite you to a free online talk on harm reduction in cannabis and psychedelic substance use. The lecture will explore harm reduction from a broad perspective and offer a different way of looking at cannabis (and any other substance) use to navigate the complexities of psychedelic therapy and addiction. This is particularly aimed for parents and therapists seeking a new approach to discussing substance use with their children or clients.

The lecture will take place on the upcoming Saturday, August 19th, at 12:00 PM (Mountain Time). I know it’s a strange hour, but I’ll be hosting from Israel – and that limits the possibilities. You can join from anywhere in the world through an online connection.

During the lecture, we will delve into the intersection of psychedelic therapy and addiction psychology through the bio-psycho-social model of substance use. We will use this model to give added layers to exploring the benefits and risks of cannabis and psychedelic use (including both abuse and therapy) and learn how to navigate the challenges associated with them, and empower our children or clients to embrace healthier options.

The lecture is specifically designed for parents and therapists who are interested in managing substance use in a responsible and informed manner. It will provide valuable insights and practical strategies for harm reduction. It will provide the participants with a more complex and nuanced way of talking about substance use and abuse and addiction.

The talk will be recorded, and those that do not wish to be filmed are advised to keep their camera off. If you will be joining from a different name for anonymity, please let me know ahead of time. 

Looking forward to it.

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